I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and left the state as soon as I graduated from college.  I lived and worked in California and New Mexico and travelled extensively.  In my thirties I returned to Pennsylvania and used it as a base to travel for photographic trips.  In 2000 I was driving back from New York after flying in from two weeks photographing in Greece and as I got closer to home I was struck by the intense beauty and texture of the landscape  right in front of me:  the farms and fields and unique landscapes here, including the tiny family run coal mines; the Amish, whose farms are right beside mine and are my closest neighbors; the individual personalities of the different farm animals; the old growth ancient forests, and the creeks and mountains.  Concentrating on my immediate area I photographed what I was now seeing with fresh eyes.  Once I started showing these photographs I realized this 'home-blindness' had affected my world view, making the lure of the exotic overshadow what was right here.  

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